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Should expectant moms read the book?

If Purple Leaves, Red Cherries is a great gift for new moms, it must be a great gift for expectant moms too, right?

Andrea and I believe so but we are well aware that so much in the book will read differently when a woman becomes a mom and probably when a mom becomes one with more experience.

In light of this, I wanted to share with you some feedback I recently received from a reader:

I recently gave birth . . . [I received] your book as a gift while I was pregnant.

I am a new mother and this book is really comforting when I’m having one of those days with Tamara (2 months old). I started reading it before the birth, and I must say that it scared me a tad. It looked like all the women who contributed their stories were really having a tough time – in fact, raising children seemed really difficult and “not fun” from the reading. However, I now understand (some) of what they discuss, and although my daughter is very young, I now see what they meant….it is difficult, but you never stop enjoying it at the same time – a very strange mix of emotions…

Finally I think it is great the way the book is divided and the fact that you give space for readers to express themselves as well.

I just wanted to give you this feedback and to let you know that I will definitely recommend it to all my friends….

It's one perspective – let us know what you think.

Should women who are expecting for the first time read Purple Leaves, Red Cherries prior to giving birth?


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