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My Self-Publishing Journey

Over the past few weeks, my self-publishing journey was featured on two different websites.

If you’re a fan of Purple Leaves, Red Cherries, would like to find out more about my self-publishing journey and/or have dreams of self-publishing your own book someday, these interviews are for you!

This week Christie Halmick interviewed me as part of her Women Branching Out series.

Christie is incredibly talented in digital and print media content and design, and helps women shine online through her internet courses that teach branding, content strategy, design and marketing skills. Check out Christie’s interview with me on her website, Jewels Branch Creative.

Jo Ebisujima has a passion for sewing and crafts, and helping women organize the chaos that may exist in their homes. So if you like to sew and your sewing and craft supplies are a mess, Jo’s the perfect woman for you! Of course, even if you don’t have craft supplies and you’re simply tired of the chaos in your home, Jo can offer you great guidance and an online course on how to make your home a tranquil and decluttered haven.

Jo interviewed me as part of her Inspiration Sunday series. Her interview reveals more about what inspired me to create Purple Leaves, Red Cherries. You can read it on her website, Jojoebi Designs.

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