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3 Tips to Overcome Exhaustion in Motherhood (Video)

I’m excited to share with you my interview with Leanne Kaye, a mother of three, midwife and “Baby and Birth” expert.

Leanne has extensive experience working with new moms. In the interview, Leanne describes how and why exhaustion was her biggest surprise when she became a mom. Leanne also shares her top three tips that will allow you to feel less exhausted in early motherhood.

Leanne Kaye teaches childbirth and early parenthood courses, offers breastfeeding consultations and is the CEO of Night Nanny International, providing in-home care during the day and night. Leanne works with new moms in their homes and online via skype. She is also a public speaker on pregnancy and postnatal issues. Find out more about Leanne by visiting her webpage:

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