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Mom Enough and Happy

I was recently a guest blogger over on the “What to Expect” website. There I shared my thoughts on being Mom Enough and Happy. I’m grateful to share my post with you as part of our Awesome Tips for New Moms series.

Wiser Woman by Nomi Melul Ohad (illustration from Purple Leaves, Red Cherries)


Do you feel that motherhood has surprised you in its complexity?

Motherhood has been around for eternity, yet I believe it’s more complex today than at any time in history.

We are becoming mothers later in life, having lived more independently and probably further away from our families than generations prior to us.

We hold high expectations of how we will “perform” as moms, backed by parenting advice and promises from the experts.

However, with so many experts telling us how to parent, choosing between them can feel overwhelming. Choice is a wonderful thing but not when it makes us feel insecure, causes us to lose our way, and pulls us apart from ourselves.

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