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Purple Leaves, Red Cherries is the winner of four prestigious book awards:


2012 Winner, Two Indie Excellence Book Awards (Gift and Non-Fiction Book Interior Design)
2012 Nautilus Silver Award (Gift/Specialty)
2012 Silver Medal in the Independent Publisher Book Awards (Gift/Specialty/Journal).

We are grateful for everyone who has reviewed our book – journalists, authors and everyday moms.

Purple Leaves, Red Cherries is a must-read for new mothers, an unparalleled gift that celebrates both the sacred beauty and the complex challenges of motherhood.
SheKnows, Daily Delights – read full review

I wish to GOD [that Purple Leaves, Red Cherries] had been written before I became a first time mother because it would have made a difference…. This book would have been my spiritual, emotional, and intellectual doula — nurturing me, comforting me, telling me that I can do the seemingly impossible.
Huffington Post, Parents – read full review

A gorgeously illustrated book that’s filled with thoughtful quotes, stories, and poems from other mamas –with plenty of space for you to write about your own often-complicated, always-amazing journey through motherhood. The other mothers’ words are beautiful …. I’d be lying if I said their words didn’t make me tear up at least a few times.
Cool Mom Picks – read full review


Elfersy and Andrea Katzman offer the literary equivalent of a warm hug and an understanding nod of the head to these new mamas…. Beautifully illustrated in a folk art tradition by Nomi Melul Ohad, this book is a wonderful gift that celebrates and records the unique journey of moms.
Blogcritics – read full review

Rarely have we seen a book that is so lovely, so real and so poignant . . . this is, simply, an amazing gift for a new mom.
Macaroni Kid  – read full review

Truly, it hasn’t been since the Griffin and Sabine chronicles that I’ve enjoyed a book that was both such a work of art to behold and to read…. I now have my go-to gift for every new mother I know.
Well Grounded Life – read full review

No matter how many bazillions of women have gone through it, becoming a new mother – while thrilling – can be crazy-making and isolating. But having Purple Leaves, Red Cherries at your side is like being surrounded by women, women who don’t care if your house is a wreck, saying “We understand.” 
Lynn Harris, award-winning journalist and mother of two 

Purple Leaves, Red Cherries is a treasure. . . .[it] will become a favorite, to give and to receive.
Debra Gilbert Rosenberg, psychotherapist and author of The New Mom’s Companion and Motherhood Without Guilt

Purple Leaves, Red Cherries is a beautiful and honest book of all the joys and challenges of new motherhood.  As a writer, I appreciate the places to journal.  As a mother, I wish I had such a book when I was in the trenches after birth.
Victoria Chang, poet and author of Salvinia Molesta and Circle

I nodded along …. I teared up …. I giggled …. I felt like she was writing my story …. I commiserated …. I cried …. I related …. I felt like her….You see, I love this book because I can see myself in each of these women and their stories.
Writing, Wishing – read full review

One of my rants about motherhood is that we don’t talk enough about what it’s really like. When I first became a mother I thought I was the only one who found it so hard, and I wish I’d had this book then.
Farewell Stranger – read full review

Whether you laugh or you cry, you sure as hell will relate to these stories.
Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures – read full review

Better than chocolate, a blissful treat for a mother’s heart and soul!
Autumn Blues Reviews –read full review

Purple Leaves, Red Cherries is full of stories from real moms trying to tackle this motherhood thing. It is calming and comforting; it reminds you that you are not alone; it does everything that I want my blog and life to do.
Hard to Mommy  – read full review

It is a lovely book and I would have been pleased to receive it. Well worth considering as a gift for a thoughtful woman who has newly become a mother.
Books, Personally — read full review

This makes an EXCELLENT gift for any mother–from the first time pregnant woman or the grandmother celebrating her 10th grandchild. The book is down to earth, heartwarming, and dynamic.
What’s That Buzz — read full review

This is a perfect gift idea for a new mother.
A Mom’s Take — read full review

This book would make for a great gift for new moms, grandmothers and friends who are mothers.  After I finished reading this book in the hospital [postpartum], I let my mother read it, and she wished this book was around years ago when we were little.  She, too, laughed and cried, reading each and every heartfelt story told by other mothers.
CT Mom Reviews – Inspired by Savanna – read full review

The soothing beauty of Purple Leaves, Red Cherries begins with the lovely illustrations and is enhanced through the stories shared by a wide variety of mothers; I laughed, cried, and nodded along, holding my daughter close on my lap and wanting to hug every mother I know.
Tiaras and Trucks

A VERY special book. [It] makes a great gift for any new mom as well as veteran moms.


A truly inspiring book.
The Kir Corner

I highly recommend this book for all moms. It would especially make an awesome shower present for a mom-to-be.
Pretty Opinionated — read full review

Much more helpful, comforting, interesting, encouraging than parenting self-help type of books. Simple and honest, easy to pick up and read at any point, and doesn’t instruct or advise (what a nice break). Facilitates a two-way conversation, giving the reader a voice, empowering the reader. Such a rare and lovely gift to oneself, or to another mom. Thank you, thank you!
Addie, mother of one

I think they could have named this book “Yes, Exactly!” because that’s what I found myself saying after reading the stories and essays in Purple Leaves, Red Cherries. There was a story to match every mood and emotion I’ve felt during my 7+ years of motherhood.
Gila, mother of three

Oy, I must stop. I’m just crying with laughter, understanding, sadness, joy as I’m reading your book. And, I’m at work!
Lesley, mother of two

What an amazing gift for any mother-to-be or mother.
Natalie, mother of three

I just wanted to let you know that I think it is a great book! I started reading it before the birth, and I must say that it scared me a tad….However, I now understand (some) of what [the writers] discuss, and although my daughter is very young, I now see what they meant….it is difficult, but you never stop enjoying it at the same time – a very strange mix of emotions… I will definitely recommend it to all my friends.
Elinor, mother of one


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