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Postpartum Mom: Your 10 Best Fashion Choices

If you are a postpartum mom, you might be wondering what on earth you can wear today!

This week, in the third post of our Awesome Tips for New Moms series, we are giving you 10 tips to help you look and feel great with clothes that will work with your body!

I remember each time I was a postpartum mom, I’d spend months feeling that I had nothing to wear. Not wanting to wear my maternity clothes and not fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes, I’d head out to the stores with my baby. Even though I soon understood that clothes shopping with a baby radically reduced my chances of making a worthwhile purchase (!), I’d optimistically buy a few items.

Back home, too often I’d realize, “What was I thinking?!” But, sometimes I’d get it right, although only for a few weeks, because then my body would change AGAIN and the clothes would look wrong.

Today, the wonderful stylist and mother of three, Lena Penteado, is going to help you look and feel great even as your body is in constant flux. In her post, Lena points out the best styles for postpartum moms and provides links to help you buy the styles she suggests, online.

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10 Best Fashion Choices for a Postpartum Mom

Congratulations on your baby and becoming a postpartum mom!

Now you need lots of time to take care of your baby and yourself, without stressing about your body!

Returning to shape after having a baby takes time. You probably need between nine months to two years for your body to return back to its shape, and in the end, it will probably be different in some ways.

So, what should you wear now you are a postpartum mom?

First, don’t try to fit into your pre-pregnancy tight clothes. They won’t fit you for sure and you’ll end up frustrated.

Second, don’t get rid of anything just yet. Give your body at least a year to recover (and if you can, breastfeed a lot – that’s the easiest way to get back into shape!).

In order to look and feel great as a postpartum mom you should focus on four things:

– Only wear items that fit you well – forget the pregnancy clothes that are too large and anything that is too tight, which will also be uncomfortable if you’re breastfeeding.

– If you’d like to create a slimmer look, dress to look taller.

– Consider ways to take attention away from your belly.

– Choose comfortable clothes – you want to feel good and relaxed!

Here are the best choices for your wardrobe now that you are a postpartum mom:

1. Good quality, supportive bras/breastfeeding bras (if you’re nursing)

Your lingerie is the foundation of your outfit and you need a good, supportive bra to allow every outfit to look good on you.

2. Pants that stretch and/or have an elastic waistband

Leggings, jeggings – denim leggings, stretch denim jeans or slouchy pants.

Wear leggings or skinny jeans with a large top or tunic.

Photos: Kourtney Kardashian, Lovely Pepa, Saks in the City

Slouchy pants are perfect for creating a relaxed and stylish look. Team them with a semi-fitted top and flat sandals or high-heels.

Photos: Whitney Port, Fashionable J, Saks in the City

If you’d like a taller, thinner look, avoid cropped pants or wide-leg pants, especially if you wear them with flats.

3. Loose Skirts or Shorts that stretch and/or have an elastic or adjustable waistband

Wear them with a semi-fitted, comfortable top, so you don’t have too much volume all over. Or tuck in a large top.

Always choose knee-length or shorter skirts and shorts for a lengthening visual effect.

Photos: Katie Holmes, Lovely Pepa, Style in the City

4. Large and semi-fitted tops

Loose t-shirt, a large blouse, early maternity top.

Large tops are comfortable and hide your belly. Wear them with leggings, skinny jeans, slim or straight pants for a balanced and elegant figure.

Photos: Kim Kardashian, Saks in the City

When choosing a top keep this in mind:

– Be extra careful about fit – if the top is too large, it adds bulk and makes you look larger. So always wear your size (that means – forget about your husband t-shirts because the shoulder seams are probably too big for you!)

– V-necks or U-necks elongate your figure giving you a slimmer appearance.

– Off-the-shoulder cuts or wide necklines are also great because they show some skin taking the attention away from your lower body and belly. You can wear a tank top underneath to hide your bra.

5. Slouchy shirts

Slouchy shirts look sophisticated and are very comfortable.

They’re also great for breastfeeding.

Wear them with skirts, shorts or pants, tucked in or out.

Photos: Clemence Poesy, Blog da Thássia

6. Loose dresses or empire waist dresses

Long dresses look stylish and chic. You can combine them with a denim or leather jacket or vest.

If you’re not in the mood for long dresses, choose knee-length or shorter dresses for a slimming effect.

Photos: Lovely Pepa, Reese Whiterspoon, Jessica Biel

Empire waist dresses are great for a postpartum mom because they are tight on a slim area of your body and are loose below.

Avoid dresses that are too tight, too large or have a lot of volume all around.

7. Medium and short jackets (blazers, leather or denim jackets)

To add structure, sophistication and interest add a blazer, leather or denim jacket to your outfit.

This extra layer also makes you look taller if you’re wearing a long top or tunic.

Photos: Lovely Pepa, Franctic Dreams

8. Statement accessories (jewelry, scarfs, bags)

Invest in accessories, especially pendants or long scarfs.

Statement, eye-catching accessories get lots of attention, hiding away your problem areas!

And they’re a great investment because they’ll fit you past your postpartum mom stage!

Photos: Lovely Pepa, Saks in the City

You can also wear different accessories to dress up basic pieces like a plain white blouse and black slim pants. Choose a colorful scarf, a big necklace or lots of bracelets.

9. Comfortable Shoes

In this phase comfort is paramount, so opt for leg lengthening flats (ballet flats, nude sandals) or for stable heels (like mid heel booties or wedge sandals).

Both elongate your figure and make you look leaner.

Photos: Saks in the City

Choose stylish, fashionable shoes, they can break or make your outfit.

Lena Penteado loves helping women get Gorgeous and be Happy! She is a personal stylist, fashion blogger and proud mom of three.If you liked this post and want to hear more from Lena, you can find her at, or follow her on Twitter: @penteadolena

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