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Clean the house? I’d rather . . . .

Wendy from Twisted Domestic Goddess chose this week’s Monday Listicles theme:

“10 things I would rather do than clean the house.”

I wondered how I could summarize EVERYTHING into ten interesting points.

Then, on second thoughts, I realized that there are some things that I would rather not do for the amount of time it takes to clean my house. These include:

  1. Driving while answering an endless stream of kids’ questions flying in from the back seat of the car (I believe my tolerance limit is 45 minutes).

  2. Sitting in traffic (oh, and sitting in traffic while answering questions, forget it!)

  3. Swirling around in the midst of morning sickness.

  4. Pushing out a baby (which I once spent two consecutive hours doing and that was more than exhausting).

Woman With Dragonfly by Nomi Melul Ohad

But I digress. I'm no fan of housework and here are the ten things (of many) that I would rather do for the same amount of time it takes to clean my house:

  1. Clean any one of my smaller, less cluttered homes from my pre-mom days.

  2. Bake and decorate cupcakes for the whole school. Okay, maybe half the school.

  3. Wait for a train.

  4. Sit on a crowded bus while driving through the rugged mountain ranges in Nepal. Yes, I can sleep anywhere (as long as another passenger is not sitting on me).

  5. Undertake all the little sewing jobs that have mounted up since... I last tackled all the little sewing jobs from a family of five.

  6. Labor, let’s say from 4 to 10 cm (before the above-mentioned pushing stage) – I can totally get in the zone.

  7. Revise (uninterrupted) for a school exam. It has been so long that it would feel refreshing.

  8. Spend twice the time in any of my former jobs – even my student jobs, like being a waitress in a pancake house or a cashier at the supermarket.

  9. Listen to the same 20 children’s songs over and over again. Call it conscious immunity.

  10. Clean the car. It seems to stay clean just a little bit longer than the house.

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