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Now I Am a Mother

Before I was a mother . . . .

I used to read fiction.

I used to host parties with cocktails and interesting food.

I used to have a fine collection of healthy house plants.

I used to attack the laundry without despair.

I used to have adult conversations around a water cooler.

I used to be the breadwinner.

I used to return from the beach sand-free.

I used to go out dancing.

I used to enjoy fine wine, without drowsiness.

I used to have a tummy that wouldn’t grow noticeably bigger by the


Now I am a mother . . . .

I know the sweetest, most intense sting – that of your baby’s head appearing.

I recognize the miracle of life.

I have breastfed and wondered at my body’s force.

I have reached new levels of calm from the embrace of a sleeping baby.

I am able to function well after a night of four hours sleep and yet appreciate a weekend afternoon nap so much more.

I am awoken by little faces nuzzling me in the morning and am showered with little kisses at any time of the day.

I have opened up to creativity.

I have learned to accept days that I can’t control and recognize the parts of them that I can.

I laugh at endless sweet moments and smile listening to the kiddie chatter that surrounds me.

I live in a home so full of love that surely a passersby could absorb some from the sidewalk.

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