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The Bottle in World Breastfeeding Week

Why am I posting a story called The Bottle in World Breastfeeding Week?

Because this week presents a great opportunity to remind ourselves of the benefits of breastfeeding AND the complex situations many mothers face following the birth of their child.

The Bottle

I hated formula.

I hated companies that made formula. I fought with medical professionals who suggested using formula. At every visit, I cleared out all the formula pamphlets from our pediatrician’s waiting room.

My own children nursed well and long. I was full of self-righteous pride.

Then postpartum depression enveloped a close friend. She wasn’t sleeping or eating. She was often in tears and felt hopeless. She was wary about telling me that breastfeeding overwhelmed her, fearing my disapproval.

I was devastated.

My ideals had blinded me from the complexities of motherhood and from my friend’s pain.

While my friend slept, went to therapy and slowly recovered, I bought formula. I mixed it, and while holding her sweet baby, I gratefully fed him the bottle.

Andrea Katzman, mother of 2 and co-creator and editor of Purple Leaves, Red Cherries.

See The Bottle on YouTube (third story in the book trailer video).

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