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Revealing Secrets of Motherhood

I shone a spotlight on vaginas while promoting my book on motherhood.

This generated embarrassment among senior members of my family. Many young moms are embarrassed too.

In most cases (although not all), when a woman becomes a mother, it impacts many parts of her body, including her vagina.

Yet mothers rarely discuss their vaginal secrets. For example, the practice of cutting a woman’s vagina in delivery, the conditions that increase or decrease the likelihood that this will happen, and the short-term and sometimes long-term discomfort that may arise, is all kept very hush-hush.

My book is about revealing motherhood and the vagina story I use in my book trailer is funny and not traumatic. I included it because it made a lot of women laugh and because it reveals a side of motherhood rarely discussed.

And because I believe that knowledge—yes, knowledge about vaginas, too—is a gift.


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