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A Mother's Honor

I see my childhood home through mothers’ eyes.

With my two young girls beside me, we walk through my parents’ house, admiring my dad¹s accomplishments and awards. They are visible signs of worlds discovered, honors earned and collaborations completed.

My mother was a “stay-at-home-mom,” like me. Her daily sacrifices and struggles remain unseen, garnering no accolades.

Sometimes I wonder – am I my mom’s award? Me – with my new family, my free spirit, my home thousands of miles from hers?

There will be no retirement party for my mom, no celebration that (finally) recognizes her hard work. I remain unfinished too and often declare her accomplishments as my own.

All the while, I think of my children. How I struggle, like my mom, to retain my own sense of self and achievements while knowing that my life is with them.


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