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At last, a meaningful gift for new moms!

Two years ago, I encountered a picture of a goddess – Isis with her infant Horus. This picture inspired me to create Purple Leaves, Red Cherries – A Gift for Mothers with Short Stories, Journal & Toolkit.

18 months ago, Andrea Katzman and I started working on the book.

We found Nomi Melul Ohad (our wonderful illustrator) and Titan (our talented design team). Together we produced a unique and beautiful gift for new mothers, mothers of young children and mothers-to-be.

Today I am launching Purple Leaves, Red Cherries – my first book and my first adventure into the self-publishing world.

The response so far from our early readers has been amazing.

Please keep posting your thoughts and comments and sending me your endorsements.

And don’t forget to visit our BUY NOW page!

Thank you and happy Purple Leaves, Red Cherries day!


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