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Tania Elfersy and Andrea Katzman – the book’s creators and editors – wrote a portion of the 48 short stories found in Purple Leaves, Red Cherries. The majority of the stories were written by our contributors – moms who work in a variety of fields and moms who are at home with their kids. A few of our contributors are also writers and you can find links to their blogs in the contributor list below.The moms who shared their stories in the book reflect a diversity of identities, backgrounds and attitudes toward motherhood. They hail from three continents and raise their children within a variety of family structures.


We are ever grateful to our contributors who found precious time in their busy lives to write their stories – each one in 140 words or less. We thank them for their courage, honesty and willingness to share.

Our contributors include:

Ann Ebner
Aviva Mishmari
Daphna Bahat
Dasee Berkowitz
Dina Kraft
Elizabeth H A Bollt
Hannah Rendell
Heidi Goodman
Jamie Faith Woods
Jo Frankel
Julie Rahav
Karen Welser
Kathryn Satterfield
Laliv Hadar
Leslie Jacobson-Cohen
Lisa Moss
Lisa Sacks
Liselle Terret
Mallory Serebin Jacobs
Natalie C
Nomi Melul Ohad
Pamela Romny Levanos
Renee Himelhoch Chemel
Sabrina Coletta Paradis
Sarah Ebner
Sharyn Brooks Katzman
Shlomit Gilony Barak
Susan Elfersy
Victoria Penny


In addition, a number of contributors wish to remain anonymous.

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